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Soba noodles with green pea
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By changing our diet, we can change how we look and feel.


We take care about our exterior and body, but most of the time we have completely forgotten, that the right and nourishing food which give us sufficient amount of all the necessary nutritional substances is the most important.


   Times have changed. The world is moving forward. But the truth is, that only a healthy body can serve us well. That is why eating healthy food should be our priority. Unfortunately, it is often not the case. It can seem almost impossible, in today’s rushed world. But it is quite easy. You have to give it just a little bit of time and effort at the beginning. Little by little get to know the main principles and rules. It is not that complicated to prepare a healthy and nourishing food.


   In case that some of the ingredients are not yet a staple in your pantry, don’t worry it’s going to change soon. Don’t be afraid to purchase them. The main basic ingredients are just a few and are used regularly. Then you can start modifying your favorite family recipes or try new ones.

   Let me be your advisor and guide on the way to a healthy lifestyle change. Letś start together! By following my blog you will get to learn new information on healthy vegetarian or vegan cooking and meals, tips, advice and recipes, which you can try out.


   For me to create new or to modify already known recipes is a very creative process. It allows me to use my fantasy. I get inspiration from the popular as well as some less known cookbooks.

   All recipes you can find in blog, are made from the scratch from natural ingredients. None of the recipes contain meat, animal products or refined sugar or trans fat.

I believe that my blog will inspire you in your new healthy lifestyle.


   In case you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, or you’d like to know more about a specific topics related to healthy living, feel free to write to me here.


I wish you much success and happiness!


Bundt cake
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