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   Do you want to learn a healthy and balanced lifestyle without a diet and feeling guilty? If your answer is yes, you are on the right place. You never say “diet” in your life anymore. Instead, “balanced meal plan and a healthy lifestyle” will be your new motto since now. I will move your thoughts in a positive direction.

You will build a new relationship with your body.



I am a certified fitness trainer and a nutrition coach. I am dedicated to the fitness world  for 18 years. Working out and moving is giving me energy and makes me happy. Today, I can´t imagine a day without it, so you can feel the same way soon.


  • If you haven´t find the way to the gym yet or you are just afraid to do the first steps, letś go to find your way together. Two are better than one :-)

  • You don´t know how to workout at the gym? How to use the machines and exercise properly?

  • You exercise regularly but you haven´t achieved desirable results until now? Something must be wrong. Letś go to find a solution together.

  • You are not brave enough to attend a session alone? Take a friend with you and letś do training together.


Fitness and health coaching service:

  • Training in the gym including body diagnostics.

  • Training advice.

  • Nutritional advice and adjusting meal plan.

  • Online advising/ coaching.

  • Training with your own body weight. TRX, stability ball, overball, bosu balance trainer, resistance bands, kettlebell.

  • Training at your home.


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