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   Everyone has a different lifestyle. Each of us is a unique personality. Every human create such personal lifestyle, to suit the best his requirements or at least he is trying.


   But if we talk about a healthy lifestyle and wellness, we all certainly agree, that it can be described by these statements:


  • Exercise regularly

  • Balanced healthy diet

  • Get enough sleep

  • Reducing stress

  • Relax

  • Don´t drink alcohol

  • Don´t smoke


   We shouldn´t forget that we are more than just a body. It is important to realize that the body is in a harmony with our mind and spirit. Now that is why we talk so much about meditation. Many of us are still not aware that calming our mind and conscious full breathing is extremely important. Constant situations, perceptions and thoughts affecting our brain to result in stress and anxiety.

   Healthy lifestyle can´t be changed in a day. It is a long process. Many of us learn it consciously or unconsciously during our lifetime. Everybody is driven by a different motivation. Some are forced due to a health reasons or restrictions.


   In many ways we are influenced by people we meet during our life. And that is why I am here. I would like to inspire, direct and lead you up to what suits you the best.

   Personally, I am driven by a motto: „Your body is a temple for your mind and soul. So nourish it with only happy thoughts, good health and positive energy”.

By realizing this it is a first step to a new path and a healthy lifestyle.


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