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I have been to many places in my life, but here are still so many, I would like to visit. We can go for some of them together here on my blog. The world offers so many possibilities...


   Planning and organizing had been a part of my job for many years. I am not so well organized in my private life, but in case of organizing holidays and trips, my arrangements are almost perfect :-).

   I don´t have a need to use a service by travel agencies. I enjoy planning up to the smallest detail by myself. I´m already closer to my final destination in this moment :-). I don´t care that much about kilometers and fame of places. I´m not a typical person for stay in the hotel complexes even with a maximal number of stars. I think, you can´t get to know any country if you stay in the hotel complex. Warm smiles of a hotel staff are often only a part of their image, so as their perfectly ironed shirt. The real life is outside the resort.


   For many years traveling has been my escape from work full of stress and constant changes. Escape from everyday reality for a moment of freedom and inner quiet.

   Not a long time ago someone told me: „If you do what you love and live your life as you like, you won´t have to escape anymore”. I´m thinking about these words and following them.


   Travelling is different to me today. Itś not an escape from everyday life anymore, but desire to get to know something new, and to seek an inspiration for my next steps.


Bon voyage!


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